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post links to channels and websites that contain relevant 'truth' sources. (post the main pages, not specific videos or articles of those sources). - any language, but please tag it. - posting invite links to other servers is allowed - we are building a list, so keep it short
Between 01-Sep-20 12:00 AM and 01-Oct-20 12:00 AM
ste_234_guest 20-Sep-20 01:52 AM
The Youtube channel for the UK Column newspaper. If you like the work we do, please subscribe at our website.
Erik Nixon 20-Sep-20 09:32 AM
Who's who of the Elite - the Council on Foreign Relations
Curb 20-Sep-20 01:15 PM
moved @Erik Nixon 's posts to #🧠-society-of-the-spectacle main site (looks like a great one)
thought provoking pieces by @syllamo My Mind and The World
Sylvain Lamoureux
Curb 22-Sep-20 10:33 AM
The Mirror Project is a new idea to fight back the misinformation & propganda put out by the establishment, we are completley independent, registered in the UK, and we rely on memebers donations. Please watch the documentary film that explains the idea, and if you beleive plea...
mejon07 24-Sep-20 07:01 PM
PDF version for the resource above
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Curb 24-Sep-20 07:38 PM
population forecasts 2025
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Curb 26-Sep-20 04:49 PM
US yield curve EU yield curve (the rates on the bonds, EU been negative for a while now. US inching towards it (the global reserve currency!))
Visualize the relationship between interest rates and stocks over time using our draggable, interactive yield curve charting tool.
The relationship between market remuneration rates and the remaining time to maturity of debt securities published by the ECB.
Curb 26-Sep-20 05:47 PM
The Podcast Index is an open project to preserve podcasting as a platform for free speech
Curb 26-Sep-20 06:47 PM
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Curb 27-Sep-20 11:58 PM
Nothing you hear on the mainstream media about COVID-19 is true. This shows you what TRUE scientists are saying.
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