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Liberty 02-Nov-21 01:26 AM
How the hell is that supposed to be scary?
This should not surprise anyone. Just annoy them and piss them off.
CurbShifter 02-Nov-21 01:35 AM
a 1 dimensional statement. good luck pissing off an algorithm (edited)
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lil•sleepy 03-Nov-21 10:50 PM
reread it
alt-theories 06-Nov-21 07:24 AM
AT&T and Verizon to Delay 5G Rollout Over FAA's Airplane Fears Two of America's biggest telecoms, AT&T and Verizon, agreed on Thursday to delay the debut of a new 5G frequency band for a month. The reason: the Federal Aviation Administration needs to work out once and for all whether it could interfere with cockpit safety systems in airplanes.
Two of America's biggest telecoms, AT&T and Verizon, agreed on Thursday to delay the debut of a new 5G frequency band for a month. The...
alt-theories 12-Nov-21 09:15 AM Glaxo Smith Kline's goal for the next 10-20 years - inexpensive nerve tags in collaboration with UT Dallas.
mejon07 14-Nov-21 09:11 AM
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) confirmed today that its domain name and Internet address were used to blast out thousands of fake emails about a cybercrime investigation. According to an interview with the person who claimed responsibility for…
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alt-theories 14-Nov-21 11:26 AM
This video discusses new surprise discovery (yet to be confirmed by other scientists) that SARS-CoV-2 full length spike protein can enter human cell nuclei and interfere with fixing of broken DNA damage. Authors of the study propose this might have been evolved in order to prevent genetic recombination required to produce antibody variety to suc...
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alt-theories 15-Nov-21 09:21 AM
Long Covid takes a hammering in French study.
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alt-theories 17-Nov-21 06:27 AM
Comment: Mainstream narrative getting on board with spreading the word regarding the benefits of microneedle array patches.
Researchers are developing stronger, safer ways to administer vaccines. ABC 10News Reporter Jared Aarons takes an In Depth look at micro-needle patches and their benefits over traditional needles.
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CurbShifter 17-Nov-21 06:18 PM
EternalDoom 23-Nov-21 11:45 PM
Abu Dhabi will use facial scanners to detect coronavirus infections at malls and airports starting Monday, after a trial of 20,000 people showed “a high degree of effectiveness.”
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Prolonged SARS-CoV-2 RNA shedding and recurrence of PCR-positive tests have been widely reported in patients after recovery, yet these patients most commonly are non-infectious[1][1]–[14][2]. Here we investigated the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 RNAs can be reverse-transcribed and integrated into the human genome and that transcription of the int...
EternalDoom 24-Nov-21 12:14 AM
Recent advances have made it possible to synthesize mRNA in vitro that is relatively stable when introduced into mammalian cells, has a diminished ability to activate the innate immune response against exogenous (virus-like) RNA, and can be efficiently translated into protein. Synthetic methods have …
EternalDoom 24-Nov-21 12:21 AM
MARCH 16, 2021 Spread the Word Dr. Doug Corrigan via Science With Dr. Doug “The authors sought to answer how a PCR test is able to detect segments of viral RNA when the virus is presumabl…
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The SARS-CoV2 pathogen was made transmissible to humans by Ralph Baric and his collaborators at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in their 2015 experiment (Menachery et al.) using mice humanized with fetal clone serum, a synthetic hormone derived from human fetal tissue as explained by Dr. Kathleen Ruddy in her video. In 2019, Ralph B...
alt-theories 24-Nov-21 02:16 PM
“The study author concluded that “mRNA [vaccines] dramatically increase inflammation on the endothelium and T cell infiltration of cardiac muscle and may account for the observations of increased thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular events following vaccination.”
Increases in PULS Cardiac Test scores after mRNA vaccinations suggest a significantly higher risk of developing acute coronary syndrome, according to findings presented at AHA 2021.
CurbShifter 24-Nov-21 10:12 PM
EAT CELEBRITY MEAT! BiteLabs grows meat from celebrity tissue samples and uses it to make artisanal salami
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alt-theories 24-Nov-21 11:30 PM
“WOW How can Pfizer be pushing under 12s vaccines and then say they are doing a 5 year safety study for myocarditis? Let’s just wait for the safety study maybe? You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. It’s from the genuine FDA website.” - Dr Anthony Hinton Page 11
alt-theories 28-Nov-21 09:26 PM
See attached slide presentation from World Health Organization Meeting - in 2014 February 18, 2014 - WHO - Next Generation Vaccine Delivery Technology Meeting - Geneva, Switzerland Excerpt from slides - page 9: Global Public Health Challenge: • Devices are needed to enable house-to-house vaccination campaign (e.g. outbreak response, catch-up immunization) This is their next step.
Well, it didn't take too long for this contrived excuse to materialize - wait for it: THE SYRINGE SHORTAGE EXPLAINED...(what comes next?👆
As COVID-19 vaccines roll out, low- and middle-income countries are facing a massive syringe shortage. PATH experts unpack the causes and implications.
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First photo: Mark Prausnitz, Founder of Micron Biomedical Second Photo: Mark Kendall, Founder of Vaxxas little bit more on the history of microneedle array patches and interesting bedfellows... NOTE: Both Mark Prausnitz, Founder of Micron Biomedical, and Mark Kendall, founder of Vaxxas each partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In an article from Nov. 2011 (, the Georgia Institute of Technology will receive funding through Grand Challenges Explorations, an initiative created by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that enables researchers worldwide to test unorthodox ideas that address persistent health and development challenges. Mark Prausnitz, Regents' professor in Georgia Tech's School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, will pursue an innovative global health research project focused on using microneedle patches for the low-cost administration of polio vaccine through the skin in collaboration with researchers Steve Oberste and Mark Pallansch of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Mark Kendall partnered globally, including with the World Health Organization, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
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