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Between 01-Jun-21 12:00 AM and 01-Jul-21 12:00 AM
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An antifascist demonstration takes place in Paris on Saturday, June 5, to mark the anniversary of Clement Meric's killing. Left-winger Meric died at the age of 18 after a fight with far-right activists in Paris in 2013. Two activists were indicted for Clement Meric's death and convicted of manslaughter and weapon supply. Three far-right groups...
CurbShifter 09-Jun-21 05:01 PM
Reggi should be about to go through the homeless encampment at Venice beach
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they got alex jones on
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Demonstrators gather in London on Saturday, June 26, joining a call for a national demonstration organized by the People's Assembly demanding a ‘new normal’ after the COVID-19 pandemic. Different groups including pro-Palestinian demonstrators an Extinction Rebellion activists are expected to protest on the same day as well as groups opposing th...
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