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CreepyJoe 03-Jul-21 12:16 AM
the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell
Lal 07-Jul-21 01:19 PM
Something to look forward to (edited)
Imagine a biological computer that operates inside a living cell, one that can be used to determine if a cell is cancerous and then trigger its death. In this project, this is done using DNA as a programmable material. Just like a computer, DNA is highly programmable into a whole range of complex behaviors. This could enable a whole a range of...
Onysfx 08-Jul-21 07:48 PM
I have a feeling every single one of these comments are bots (the youtube ones): (edited)
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PhantomXJ5 11-Jul-21 03:26 AM
Disable and remove all Windows spying, telemetry, GWX, Windows 10-upgrade pop-ups, the easy way. No ads, no bullshit. Updated regularly.
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CurbShifter 12-Jul-21 10:40 AM
.@albertheijn = #WEF Track-and-trace #orwellian
We value the careful handling of clients data. In our privacy statement we have detailed the processing of data in the context of our services.
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Lal 12-Jul-21 02:12 PM
max9 12-Jul-21 05:21 PM
anyone remember Obama saying how important it was to "map the human brain"?
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CurbShifter 15-Jul-21 12:05 PM
Lal 15-Jul-21 12:07 PM
I am often asked if I will “return to cryptocurrency” or begin regularly sharing my thoughts on the topic again. My answer is a wholehearted “no”, but to avoid repeating myself I figure it might be worthwhile briefly explaining why here…
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CurbShifter 15-Jul-21 12:12 PM
sounds like he loves his govt to hold his hand and hold other peoples hands by force. one needs to learn and have peace with the fact that everything in our system is a ponzi. there is a reason people are not allowed to reply. there will always be people richer than you. dont expect the type of money to change that.
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Lal 15-Jul-21 12:23 PM
Well said. I enjoy researching all the defi/crypto's a kind of a crazy confusing brilliant mess of evolutionary energies, and even though many on the front lines will get battered financially for sure, it's in its infancy so chaos is inevitable, chaos = change, movement...
CurbShifter 16-Jul-21 04:43 PM
The project, which involved a list of prestigious partners including the Imperial College London, computing firm Lenovo, The Alan Turing Institute and Arup engineers, is also equipped with special sensors.
These will record all kinds of pedestrian and crowd behaviour to feed a ‘digital twin’ of the bridge, which will help city researchers investigate all kinds of topics from the impact of tourism in the red light district, via the numbers and speed of people crossing, to how the curious structure ages.
An innovative 3D bridge printed from steel has been opened in Amsterdam’s red light district. The MX3D bridge, first proposed in 2015, was opened on Thursday by Dutch queen Máxima and is now open to the public. On Friday morning, curious Dutch and foreign tourists were taking pictures and walking across the swirling structure, which is clearly c...
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Onysfx 16-Jul-21 05:03 PM
I use blackbird as well, I recommend it
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black_jack 24-Jul-21 12:05 AM
Anyone know how to watch restricted videos on youtube with out signing in?
mejon07 24-Jul-21 12:07 AM
You'll have to type in a few extra characters before you can watch Lady Dimitrescu get spanked.
black_jack 24-Jul-21 12:08 AM
Thanks mate
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CurbShifter 24-Jul-21 11:46 AM
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND LEAVE A LIKE :) This is a video on how to build a basic EMP generator. The device creates an electromagnetic pulse which disrupt small electronics and can even turn of phones. The EMP works by sending an electric current through a magnetic field this being the magnetic coated copper wire. Be very care if making one of these ...
CurbShifter 24-Jul-21 02:50 PM
Plans for thorium reactors have been around since the 1940s, but Chinese scientists believe they are finally close to creating a working prototype.
CurbShifter 24-Jul-21 06:55 PM
❤️ Check out Fully Connected by Weights & Biases: 📝 The paper "Alias-Free GAN" is available here: 📝 Our material synthesis paper is available here: 🙏 We would like to thank our generous Patreon supporters wh...
Onysfx 29-Jul-21 11:06 PM
When researcher Curtis Waltman of the website Muckrock received files resulting from his Freedom of Information Act request on Antifa and white supremacist groups from the Washington State Fusion Center, he got a little more than he had bargained for: an unrelated zip file entitled “EM effects on human body.” Within the file were three diagrams ...
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