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Between 01-Dec-21 12:00 AM and 01-Jan-22 12:00 AM
Didi 07-Dec-21 09:21 PM
Preserve fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the winter months by utilizing a method called “cold storage". No fridge, no problem!
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LizzakcZ 12-Dec-21 05:55 PM
Hi! I’m Matt Pasquinilli, owner + Head Instructor of Florida-based Quantum Martial Arts. I’ve been professionally teaching martial arts to children + adults for 30 years. Teaching + practicing all styles of martial arts has been my passion since I was a young boy. Now I’m bringing my teaching online to you! Your patronage on Patreon helps me...
LizzakcZ 23-Dec-21 02:17 AM
What would it take for you to resort to eating a cat? I'm not sure I can do it. Behind the scenes of the 30 day survival challenge Official video Chris's 30 Day Video's Playlist Fowler's 30 Day Video's Playlist
LizzakcZ 23-Dec-21 05:40 PM
At first I was reacting to some more funny techniques, but Madeleine my cohost just started trying her own natural reactions and not copying the funny ineffective techniques. That's what prompted this video and its central question: is someone's natural untrained reaction to these situations better than someone's reaction if he or she trained in...
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